ARTIST/ILLUSTRATOR: Denise Gallagher is an artist who draws incessantly and loves to make beautiful things. Her images provide glimpses of a grand and sprawling story, a mysterious tale that is yet to be written. Denise’s work was included in the New York Society of Illustrators’ 51st Annual Show, the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators’ Illustration West 50 Show and most recently in Communication Arts Magazine’s 2012 Illustration Annual.

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One thought on “FILM#4: DENISE GALLAGHER

  1. "Miss" Lynne says:

    As a grandmother, sometimes I find Denise’s work a little “odd” but knowing Denise, I can assure there is nothing “odd” about her. She is all heart and soul and full of love for all.
    I have one of her first “works”. As a collector of owls, she made an owl sweat shirt for me for Christmas in 1986!! I still have it, but unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), I can no longer wear it, but I can certainly look at it, and I do. This young woman has been a blessing in my life in many ways, and it is a joy to see her moving forward with her art.

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