Film #3: Silvia Bertolazzi

GELATO ARTIST: Silvia Bertolazzi  “In Italy gelato is a way of life”, says Silvia. She moved from northern Italy to Lafayette, LA and recently fulfilled her dream of opening a gelateria. Silvia strongly believes that making gelato is not just a culinary creation. “It’s about the energy and passion you have when creating, and when people taste it, they can feel it”.

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4 thoughts on “Film #3: Silvia Bertolazzi

  1. Isolde Dorsett says:

    Ich habe gerade deinen film angeschaut und bin begeistert- ich hbe deine “leidenschaft” fuer Gelato fuehlen koennen!!! Toll!

  2. Ooo…have never seen behind the scenes in the secret gelato sanctuary before–thanks for that sneak peek filmmakers?! Silvia lovely as ever telling childhood stories & making us happy with new creative gelato flavors in her Carpe Diem Gelato Espresso shop – why am I ‘not’ surprised she’d be up a tree picking her own Blood Oranges too…Thanks Y’all?!

  3. Steve Edmiston says:

    Bravo, Silvia!

  4. Silvia Bertolazzi says:

    Thank you my friends!

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